Publicity at Parties

Publicity is Everywhere series

To continue with my belief that publicity is everywhere, I was listening to the radio this morning and a talk show host Bill Handel on KFI (in LA), mentioned " helpful tips" at holiday office parties.

Bill discussed how to act, how to be conservative in drinking, and which parties (considering there are more than one at your office) do you attend. This is all PR. Why? Because it is how you act, what you say, and how drunk you get is what your bosses, and supervisors will judge you on.

He went on to explain that most raises for next year, bonuses and promotions are determined at holiday parties. So as you now can see, PR is a major part of YOU when attending office parties.

And you thought PR was only reserved for a company. Think about it for a moment. People make up companies. Yes, they may have a logo, or a catchy tag line, but it is the interaction and communication with the people in a company that really presents a company’s image, branding!

So be on your toes at the next holiday office party, because it could be your only opportunity to "promote" yourself.

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