You Need A Blog Site

Blogging is the new business model

It’s the fastest growing medium in the tech industry–BLOGGING.

Why? A lot of reasons. Most important is the fact that you can tell you’re story instantly, and target it to the audience you want to reach.

Too many PR firms are still not getting the concept. They think this is too much work for nothing. They’re dead wrong!

Ok, it is a lot of work to maintain a weblog…blogsite. But the rewards are overwhelming. Most publicity firms prefer to do the traditional "calls and letters/emails" to reporters, editors, publishers than seek new methods of telling their clients stories.

Those firms will soon fade away or will need to work extra hard to just compete in the near future…actually that future is already here!

So what do others think in our business.
I saw a great article by Lloyd Trufelman and Laura Goldberg on "Pitching Blogs". They already realize this technology is not going away and have outlined a few tips on how to pitch your blogs to the media.

Another blog called the PRMachine takes a humorous look in comparing "Squeeze the Charmin" to today’s search engine. Basically, we are "squeezing the (information) Charmin (toilet paper) by relying much more on search engines as customers did when comparing a hands-on test in stores. He also explains that blogs are helping to let customers know about products, the good and the bad. Although you need to make your own judgment, people are reading blogs to get an idea if a product is worth checking out.

If you are reading this and have a business, then you need a blog site. I’ll show you how to make it work and how to get "noticed". It isn’t all smoke and mirrors anymore, it’s blogging!

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