Blogging, is it Right For You?

The Power of Blogging

As I write these tips on Publicity and Marketing, I realized few companies may not fully understand if this media is right for them.

There are a lot of things to consider if your company is interested in creating a blog site.

It must be understood that blogging is like a daily newsletter. A short version of course. If your company doesn’t have the time or staff to dedicate in writing and producing a monthly, or quarterly newsletter, then blogging might be too much for your company to handle.

One solution is to hire a professional company to do your blog site. In m any instances, companies are doing just that.

I came across a company, that offers a 14 step guide if you are considering a blog site.

These are valuable tips that all companies should read. Why? Because it tells you about the art of blogging and how it can be a benefit if you are prepared to take on the task…or hire a pro.

The article gets deeper into the distinctive features of blogs. It is a must read for new and seasoned bloggers that are in the business community. It mimics much of what we believe.

Since I can’t get into a lot of the details, go check them out.

How does this all relate to Publicity? Remember, publicity is everywhere! Blogging is quickly becoming the main source for information and that my fellow students, is publicity. Blogs let you control what is said, and how soon you want that information to be released.

But having a blog site alone will not get you famous, or your company recognized. Blogging is an art. It requires more than writing. In the business world it takes a lot of “back-end” work to get your messages to reach the right people, companies and media…that’s the most important reason of hiring a professional company who knows Web and Blog Marketing.

So is blogging right for your company? It depends on how far you want your company to grow, and if you are prepared to handle the task.

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