Getting Publicity By Talking

Interviews, books and seminars are good publicity tools

Releases, stories and articles as well as interviews can deliver getting your message out to the market. Sometimes conducting seminars can open a new market for potential customers.

Such is the case when our client, Foundations Financial, had two opportunities to present their services by being interviewed on these TV talk shows. Our client was given the opportunity to present (before the show aired, about four days earlier) the five key points they wanted to make that related to the host’s topic. Then the host would have questions relating to these points making the interview successful for everyone. In all, both shows gained favorable pr for our client and they attracted several inquiries for new business.

It seems that reporters and publishers are constantly being hit with press releases and pitched by companies and pr firms to do a story on a specific product or service.

But how many times have you tried to contact a TV show, or a radio show that might specialize in your industry, and offer the producer a representative from your company to speak about a topic that will fit their audience? Probably not often enough.

This media, broadcast, can be an excellent way to get your message out. But you need to understand just like the print media, you need to make your pitch fit that shows profile. You can’t just sell your product/service. You need to position yourself as an expert and explain how the listener (audience) can benefit by using a product/service like yours. Again, this is a thin line that usually the host will control on how much will be about you (your company) and how much will be about the topic in discussion.

Being prepared is important and knowing what to say is critical. So consider all areas of publicity. Don’t limit yourself to one media.

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