Get Better Page Ranking

It’s Good PR when done correctly

page rankingAre you caught up in trying to get higher rankings with search engines? Have you found the secret? Did you or are you hiring SEO professionals to get to the top?

If you are a pr client or a publicity agency, look no more. The secret to higher rankings is not a science. In a few simple words, it’s making your site easy for the robots to crawl around your site.

Wow, you’re thinking this isn’t any news. Well, it is. Because publicity and page ranking are based on the same principles of keep it simple and easy to read.

Remember that a search engine is like an editor or publisher. The main function is to provide its users good information. This means your site should have good content, just like a press release. And just like a pr release, your site should have better content than your competitors to make it easy for the robots to crawl the site.

Let’s carry this pr and SEO stuff deeper in comparison.

• When you write a press release, the headline is important. If it doesn’t tell the reader what you are about to announce, they will pass you by. That’s the same for your web pages. The "titles" should reflect your keywords and what that page is about.

• Now about those keywords you are buying, or trying to place into the site. Would you only write "keywords" in a release? No, you write sentences. So why settle for a keyword. People type phrases when looking for something, right? That proves to you that key phrases are more important than single keywords.

These web marketing tips are at the same time publicity tips. Why? Because publicity is everywhere.

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