Carson Wins Talent Balancing Promotion

Book publicity

The other day I mentioned one way to become an expert is to write a book.

Well, that’s exactly what Jim Stedt, of Hartley and Associates has done.

For over two decades, Jim has been placing people (mostly high tech personnel) in companies that are growing, expanding or startups who are looking for key people.

Over the years he has seen a how companies tend to overlook top talent in their own company, or seem to not understand how to hire the right person for the proper position.

Jim used his experience to write a book called Talent Balancing™. It’s great reading for HR people and CFO’s, COO’s, CEO’s and Presidents of companies wanting to know how to improve their business with the people they have or how to find the people they really need.

One of our assignments was to develop and design a web site for his book. In addition, our company will be doing the publicity to promote the book and Jim.

He has registered the words Talent Balancing™, which will protect him from anyone else trying to capitalize off of his success.

We are scheduling seminars at companies, and workshops as well. Jim will be doing some book signing as the schedule allows. We are working with the publisher to make sure the pr plan coincides with their activities.

The book is the second published for Jim. Talent Balancing™ will definitely help establish him as the "expert’ he has become as we approach the media to get him favorable publicity. The book is now available at all major online book stores, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, among others.

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