Write Press Releases With Links

Build your image with SEO’s

Writing a press release is one part of building visibility with the media. Now you need to use the power of the Internet. Make the press release relevant to your site.

To do this, you need to add links that are relevant to your site and to the names of companies or people that are mentioned in the press release.

Although there is a mix of opinions about using links with press releases, it will add a lot of power to your visibility. How? Because the more relevant links you have, the better your position will be when people type keywords to find a product or company that offers what you do.

Don’t go wild and place a dozen links in the body of the text. This will be both annoying to the reader and it is a red flag to SEO’s, because they (the search engine spiders) think you are trying to fool them with relevant links.

Keep the text simple, yet informative, just like any press release or story you want published. Make it a point to include keywords that are in your web site. Again, be careful to not make the article or press release sound like a sales pitch. That will just get you lower on everyone’s list.

Read my blog about “Public Relations Needs Web Marketing”. It provides a few tips on how the two, publicity and web marketing, work best when you make it a team effort.

As you write releases in this manner more often, you will begin to see the value and power it has.

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Important Points When Publishing Newsletters

This is an excellent way to keep in touch with clients

Writing a newsletter is not an easy task and most companies try to do them monthly, only to quit after the first year.

The reason is that they try to write them at the last minute. That may bring timely information into your newsletter, but it eventually creates the reason to abandon the process.

Here are a few helpful hints about writing a newsletter.

1- Plan to keep a schedule
Decide if the newsletter will be monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. Remember, whatever you choose, be sure to stay with that schedule. Being consistent builds a better reputation.
2- Write Information that relates to your industry
Having articles that are rich in content and speak about your industry will help to position your company as an expert in the field.
3- Be Timely
All the articles do not need to be current, but they should be timely. Even information that is a year old might relate to a "timely" event that can help your readers make better decisions. Keeping a handful of subjects and information on file for future newsletters can save you the frustration of having to do research the last minute for another newsletter.
4- Accurate Information
Don’t write something and then inflate the story to make it more interesting. Or add figures that are not correct to again show you know it all. That will only hurt your credibility.

When you have a regular newsletter schedule, and it is filled with rich content, it becomes something customers will look forward to and want to read.

This is another form of publicity. Unlike a press release that may or may not get published, your story, or release can be put into the newsletter. This gives you more control of letting customers know about positive things happening inside your company.

Get noticed by having a regular published newsletter. It keeps your company name in front of prospects and current customers.

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