Is Your Media Based On Demographics? If So, Re-Think Your PR Marketing Strategy.

The old way to identify a pr marketing strategy or media profile was to check the TV programs, or the radio station and place your ad accordingly to the age, and type of people you wanted to reach. That is what the media rep would tell you. This was also true for print media. But now you need to re-think how you buy media.

If your pr marketing strategy, or media plan is based on the old school of demographics, then you are probably wastingdemographic study money. Today, the new media of social networking, as well as the more sophisticated means of identifying demographics for traditional media has changed, and for the better. Let’s say your pr marketing strategy is to reach the average male/female in the mid 20″s to late 30’s. You would probably think that MTV is the best deal. What if you had a client that wanted to reach an older demographic (over 40-45), would you consider MTV, probably not. But think again. MTV actually has only 36% of its audience is in the 18-34 age category.

Here is another example of how we “used to think”. Let’s look at ESPN. Usually a heavy male and football station, but times have changed so has the demographics. No longer it is a male dominated station. Over 24% of women watch ESPN.

Want to hear another wild statistic. How about the web site? What are your first thoughts when you see the letters AARP? Old, grey hairs, and probably in an assisted living complex, right? You would probably create a pr marketing strategy of 55+ targeted at this audience. Not true anymore. Over 46% of the AARP site visitors are under 55 years of age.

It is getting more difficult to find and target your media when you use the old school of thinking. Internet media is more focused on specific demos, and actually reach the people you want. And it is monitored easier. You can find more of these facts and a lot of great information in an article called “Time to give up on demographics”. Well written, and makes a lot of sense.

Do your research and check out other media sources for the latest ways of making sure that your pr marketing strategy is on target.

It is best you start thinking of habits, rather than age, or gender. Buying habits or viewing habits will be a good pr marketing strategy not the old school of buying media.