Are Search Engines Old News?

How many times a day, or a week have you or your pr clients used search engines? And of those times, how many were repeated searches, such as the weather, traffic, places to eat, sports results of your favorite teams, currency exchange, etc?

If this has frustrated you by re-doing these searches, even bookmarks are not reliable, because you need to go through all those bookmarks to find what you want, then read on!

Google’s Next Big Thing

Google is now “leading the pack” again with something they call Google NOW. This unique tool is the future that Google hopes to one day replace search engines, or at least that’s what they would hope for. Why? To put their competition out of business, of course.

If you are a publicity firm, or a pr client, then this could be an asset for you when doing all those searches. For example let’s look at traffic. It will automatically update in real time, the traffic situation by giving you alternate routes on the spot! You need to let Google NOW know your route, which is one of the many things you need to input into their database. Some concerns are the privacy of Google knowing your habits, your likes, and places you frequent. Well, stop worrying, they have been collecting this for years. Same is true with Yahoo, MSN and any other searches you have done over the past 10 years.

So take hold of these new innovations that keep changing our lives by learning how to use them to your benefit. Remember, change is the only constant in our lives, so trying to fight change can be a waste of time and energy. And if you want to know what else Google has planned, well it is called Google Glass. Check it out and see what is planned for the near future.

You can read more on this topic and the viewpoint from other reporters like Cris Crum who has a good perspective on how Google NOW may change your way of using Google in the near future.

Want to learn how to use street smart marketing and web marketing through publicity, then give George Carson a call. He can get your company going in the right direction.

How to Improve Your Job Interviewing Process

Everyone could use help when looking for a job, especially knowing how to be a good interviewer can make all the difference. That’s whay I am going to tell you about this great new product.

A new iPhone APP titled “Power Resumes and Interviewing” gives a quick study for those who want to improvejob readiness, soft skills their softs skills. What are soft skills? Well, it now has become a very improtant issue when HR people interview a person. These are the skills that we are not taught in school. These are job readiness skills, things like how to communicate better, what to expect at your job, how to interview,  writing a business email (that doesn’t have happy faces or typing in all lower case), and a lot more great information.

Having these skills will help you find a job and the 30+ cards in the APP deck for Power Resumes and Interviewing is an excellent source. If want to make sure your soft skills are at the level you need, go visit the website. Better yet, go to the iTunes store and by a set of these cards today, it’s only 99 cents. This could be the best investment you make!

For those who want to really get the jump on your competition when looking for a job, be sure to see the demo of video lessons that get right to the core of the information without all the fluff. Contact at to learn how to purchase these lessons. Good luck with your job hunting.

Is email dead, or has social media taken over?

Is email part of you PR Marketing Strategy, or do you only use Social Media?

There have been a lot of discussions about the future and what role email will be playing. Some people, even the COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, thinks email is on its way out and people will rely on social media to communicate. This could be possible, but not in any near future. I doubt in my lifetime this will happen. As some writers said, like Chris Crum at WebPro News, all (most of them) social media requires an email to subscribe, or become a member. So that doesn’t sound like the system of social networks has or is ready to abolish email as the means to and social networking

We can only wait and see what new methods of communication develop over the next decade. Who knows, we may soon just think our thoughts and send them through brain waves. “Beam me up Scotty!”

Ok, enough said. This now brings me to the second part of this blog. How involved are your PR Clients with social media? Do you have a plan? Do you have a campaign in place? Writing one blog, or using twitter once or twice a week is not getting involved in social media. Social media can become a powerful marketing tool for any pr marketing strategy. If and when done correctly, results can be very positive. If you need to refresher course, just refer to some of my blogs that discuss “How to Use Linkedin to Increase Traffic“, or “Learn How to Use Social Media for PR Clients“. Or just click on the archive files to see many other related topics.

When you are ready to begin and implement a campaign, then give George Carson a call at 949-477-9400. It’s the social thing to do!

Multitasking- is it costing YOUR company or helping it?


I normally do not get into these types of discussions in my blog, but a lot of controversy has been running around about multitasking. So, does it cost a company when employees multitask, or make them more productive? No simple answer.Multitasking


It seems PR Clients and major corporations are pushing their employees to multitask due to the reduction in staff. But are these decisions going to actually hurt a company in the long run? I think it will, and it seems to already be happening. When we multitask, many of us think it is doing a few tasks at a time, when actually we are doing a portion of a task. So nothing gets completely accomplished, and if it does, it is over a longer period of time.


When I first began working we did several tasks during the day. Was that multitasking? No. Are what young people doing today multitasking? No. The reason, our brains are not capable of handling more than one function at the exact same time. That’s a fact, a scientific fact. When people say they are multitasking, I prefer to use a term “Parallel Tasking”. That makes sense. This means you do one task, such as printing out a status report, and while that is printing, you complete an excel sheet. Another example, you begin to write or type a letter, then decide to have a drink of coffee or water that is on your desk, while drinking, you answer a phone call. So are these multitasks? They are “Parallel Tasks”. Remember, the brain is wired to focus on one thing at a time. Just like a circus juggler who looks like he is tossing objects in the air and then does something else (in the same spot) is using his reflexes that he taught to keep a motion going while he re-directs his attention to another task.


There are a lot of studies on the subject, even one called The Myths of Multitasking.


So I ask again, is multitasking helping or hurting your company? Before you answer that, check your email and finish typing that report, and oh, change the song on your iPod and get another cup of coffee.

Why you need a Business Blog Site

Blogging is still one of the most required media when creating a social network program. PR Clients need to make sure their blogging is done on a regular basis. Business blogs are necessary and helpful. Companies can control what is said about their people, products and services and can use their business blog sites to better understand the needs of employees. When done correctly, business blogs can help pr clients target thier customers needs by “listening’ to what is said. In turn, pr clients should respond to any negative or positive comments so customers feel a connection, which builds trust.

So what is different from a business blog vs a typical blog site? blogging

This important pr marketing tool helps you to communicate more effectively to customers and potential customers as well. Last year in April, a blog I wrote listed of a few companies’ that have business blogs. These will give you an idea of how other company’s use blogging to improve their position and image:


Google Blog Shop Blog

 If you need more reasons why a business blog can improve your company’s position and image, give George Carson a call at 949-477-9400. It could be the best call you make this year!

How to increase website traffic using LinkedIn

Publicity is everywhere! And that is why social media is one of the most successful resources to get publicity quickly in front of your potential customers. Ok, I will now get into why LinkedIn has actually become a solid pr marketing tool.

Unlike Twitter (which should be part of your pr marketing campaign), LinkedIn is purely a businessperson’s social media. Yet, too often it is thought of as a place for job hunter’s or those looking for people to add to their company. In the past this was how LinkedIn was used, but it has grown more as a means to build traffic to your web site. Why is this a good thing? If you own a business, or are a VP or manager of a company, it can be a place to create topics, and discussions among peers. It can direct them to your site and establish business relationships that can lead to more networking and sales. Linkedin

Without trying to give you many examples, just visit Chris Crum’s article on this topic. I was glad to see and read his article because finally someone else recognizes the value and maybe pr clients will listen to a different person who sees this as a major opportunity to build traffic to your site. As many of you may know (at least I hope you know) LinkedIn announced it is now integrated into Microsoft Outlook. This is a big deal for LinkedIn! So now you should more than ever take advantage of this powerful social media and add it into your pr marketing strategy campaign.

If you do not have the time, or the staff to handle a social media campaign, then contact a social media company that could get you started. Don’t know anyone? Then call George Carson at Carson Marketing, Inc. – 949-477-9400.

70 Mustang “Trans-Cammer” looks better than ever!


If you are a car enthusiast, like me, then you’ll appreciate this ’70 Mustang Gran Turismo called the “Trans-Cammer”.

One of my PR Clients, Phil Koenen of Grand Touring Garage, called me a couple of weeks ago with some great news.70 mustang gran turismo


Phil Koenen, owner and designer at Grand Touring Garage, built a ’70 Mustang this past year. And like all car buffs, he entered the car at the recent SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show in Las Vegas. While enjoying the show and seeing lots of wild cars and accessories, Phil attended the awards presentation at the Palms hotel. That evening, Kazunori Yamauchi – creator of the Sony PlayStation Gran Turismo video game franchise, selected one car to be represented in the upcoming Gan Turismo 5 driving game. He selected the ’70 Mustang “Trans-Cammer” that was built by Grand Touring Garage.70 mustang trans cammer


Phil was extremely excited that his 600 hp Ford powered, black beauty was chosen. I have known Phil Koenen for over 25 years and know that he builds excellent cars. This just proved that! Although I was very excited to hear this news, Phil is accustomed to prestigious awards over his restoration building years. He has won numerous awards at Pebble Beach, Hillsborough, Silverado, Amelia Island and Santa Barbara and at many specialty marques shows like the National AACA Shows and the Corvette Bloomington Gold Events.Phil Koenen accepting award


I understand that in a couple of months, the engineers, designers and other craftsmen who create the Gran Turismo game will be developing the new version using the 70 Mustang “Trans-Cammer”. I don’t know how they do their magic, but I am sure it is going to be a wild ride.


Grand Touring Garage can now add this great award to their list.

Tips for writing press releases

Press releases need to be written as a newsworthy article, but in one page. Too often pr clients, or even professional pr writers put too much fluff into a press release and not the facts. Maybe it is because the pr client wants to believe that their news is more important than those published. That isn’t a reason to not follow the unwritten rules of writing good press releases. newswothy publicity

Here are a few tips that we follow in the industry. Follow them, and you will have a better chance to get published.

1- Is the topic newsworthy? Announcing the new position of a person in your company may be news to you, but not to the reporters or editors. Even an open house isn’t “big news”. This doesn’t mean those releases won’t be published, but the odds are not very high they will. Try putting something exciting into these. For example, for an open house, announce that you are having a guest speaker, or will be offering something to the community.

2- Make your intro paragraph interesting, not a sales pitch. Give the reporter/editor something that wants them to read more.

3- Be sure you follow the AP style/formats and that it is grammatically sound.

4- Is the release fact based and well documented?

5- Make sure the message matches your target audience.

6- Be sure all the proper contact information is listed.

These are just a few of the important tips you need to write a good press release. Also, keep it to one page if possible.  Your list of media needs to be considered when submitting the release. But that’s another topic. If you search Google for “writing press releases” you will see that these tips are mentioned by most all professionals and editors in the industry.

Which do you prefer, Social Media or Email?

There has been a lot of discussion about social media replacing email. I doubt this will happen. At least for now. Email might be reconfigured over the next couple of years, but I think email is here to stay. Is your pr marketing strategy focusing on email or social media? If you are choosing one over the other, then your pr marketing strategy needs to be revised. It is best to keep both marketing strategies to have a successful marketing plan. email and social medi


I read several different articles claiming that social media networks are replacing email. One in particular describes how everyone at a company is assigned an email account, but a movement to stop employees from using social networks at work is on the incline.


Another good article by a WebPro writer, Chris Crum, created a list of reasons why email is not going to be replaced by social media. These are just a few of his reasons:


1. People still send hand-written letters via snail mail, even though they could instead make a phone call, send an email, text message, or status update.


2. Nearly all sites on the web that require registration require an email address. Some are starting to integrate social media into this process (through things like Facebook Connect), but that is still a very small fraction, and they typically still allow for email information as well.


3. Email notifies you of updates from all social networks you are a part of (provided your settings are set up that way).


4. We haven’t seen any evidence yet that Google Wave really is the next big thing and will catch on a large scale.


5. Email is still improving. It hasn’t screeched to a halt with the rise of social media. There is still innovation going on, and integration with social media. Look at how Google is constantly adding new features to Gmail. Look at the new Yahoo Mail.


6. Even social networks themselves recognize the importance of email. Never mind that they update users about community-driven happenings via email. MySpace (still one of the biggest social networks) even launched its own email service recently.


The next time you are told by your pr client to not use email as part of the marketing strategy, just pass along this short list. It may not convince them, but at least you pointed out reason why it is important to keep email in the plan, at least for now. If you need help in deciding on the direction to take, or need help with a successful social media campaign, give George Carson a call today at 949-477-9400.

Are you using Twitter to improve your PR Clients ranking?

Seems the popularity of Twitter is slowing becoming a follower’s site rather than a business site. Let me explain. Yes, Twitter is great for those who want to know what celebrities are doing, or what your friends are doing at the time. But for pr clients, it can be a great marketing tool to get higher rankings in Google, as well as get more traffic to your web networking

The great thing about Twitter, you can be a local orange county business, or a national company, even a global business and get people to follow you. So why, if you are a pr client, wouldn’t you want followers? It is a great pr marketing tool! When done correctly, you can actually increase traffic to your site. But remember, the content in those 140 characters need to be inviting. Don’t try to sell junk, or build traffic to only sell ad space on your site. Followers can be an important factor in growing your twitter name and your business web site.

I read a study by Rapleaf stating “active” Twitter users studied (40,000) had this in their report: “The most followed users gained followers at a faster rate than less popular users, contributing to a growing ‘popularity gap.'”  Also, “Users in the top 0.1% have around 5x as many followers as users in the top 1% and about 40x as many followers as users in the top 10%.”

Basically this is saying that many top celebs are being followed faster, and that people are more interested in the following than building their own followers. One writer uses the words “popularity gap” to explain this. That’s where the business part is loosing ground with this powerful pr marketing tool. If you understand this, it can actually be a good thing. Because you can use Twitter to build an awareness campaign for your service or business before too many companies realize the “gap” in their pr marketing strategy. So all you pr clients, wake up. Now is the time to improve your branding and increase traffic with Twitter. If not, your competition will just “twit” past you and gain more market share.