Making a Story Pitch Takes Talent

How do you start the conversation?

publicity is like sellingProfessional publicity people know how to contact the media, know how to start a conversation and probably know what angle to present to the reporter. But do they really? Chances are these top publicity people get through the clutter by knowing the media on a personal basis. I don’t mean they go drinking together (or maybe they do), I mean they have built a long-term business relationship making it easier to contact them.

For the other pr firms and pr individuals, who make up about 75% of the publicity world, think about how you can improve your pitch to a reporter or publisher and get that article or press release published.

It’s all in the sales effort. Notice how different sales people get through and those who just never seem to. That’s because they have taught themselves over the years the fine art of salesmanship (or saleswomen ship).

I know of a great person who has taught thousands of people the art of "opening doors". You may have heard of Ari Galper. He has a web site called

I am not trying to sell you on him. And I am not getting any commissions either. I know that he has a clear understanding how to get into meeting with people, usually by phone. But it just isn’t the sales tools that he teaches. If you apply what he explains to your publicity activities, you will be a better individual and in the long run it will help your pr clients as well as yourself.

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