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The do’s and don’ts

optimizing for publicityThe blog I wrote on "Publicity is your web site" is one of several parts to taking advantage of a web site as another pr tool.

An overstated word is "optimizing". Since I cannot think of a better word to describe this process, let’s start with these steps:

  • Optimize each page

Pr clients and businesses do not realize it, but some web marketing companies only optimize the Home Page and maybe one other page. You need to do all the pages.

  • Optimize your Page Titles and Content

In addition, look for keywords that are relevant to your company and industry. For example in the PressRoom page use words that are in the press releases or articles.

  • Create inbound links and label your images

This is a great place to have links to published press releases or articles about the company. Or place links to service organizations in your industry.

  • Your Website needs to be spider friendly

Search engines use spiders to read web sites. If the site contains flash, you need to address this in the html codes and modify them so spiders can see the code.

  • Keep the site fresh

Just like sending out new press releases, you need to keep the content fresh in the text (body). Every quarter have the content be updated, but don’t use a string of keywords, or phrases or hidden text, that will only make the spiders angry and get you on the "bad" list.

Having a good web site that can be found is good publicity. Why? Because when the editors, reporters or other media look at your site it will be easy for them to find you and the products you offer. Keep reminding yourself that "Publicity Is Everywhere".

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