Get Visual With Publicity

The Media Will Listen If You Speak

We have already accepted that everyone wants to build traffic to his or her site. Publicity people want the media to visit the site. And the marketing/sales staff wants the site to sell more products. So what’s the answer? How about a talking head?

talking head for web sitesSounds silly, but if you haven’t looked into this unique talking head add-on, then check it out. The web site is called SitePal.

I’m not a rep for them, nor do I get any commissions, I want you to know of this neat add-on for your web site. Marketing people will probably like it, publicity people will not be sure how to use it. If that’s your problem, then it’s time you put on the creative thinking cap.

Imagine this. The "press room" on the web site introduces the visitor to the different articles and the press releases about the company. Now you have a talking head that will capture the attention of the visitor and they will more likely listen and then download the press kit and other information. This can be a clever tool for publicity professionals or pr clients who feel that the words they write can be more powerful if only the visitor could “hear” them rather than read them. Just a suggestion.

An important note: you don’t go overboard using this feature. Just like creating a PowerPoint presentation, you shouldn’t use all the different slide techniques and effects in a presentation; here too you need to restrain yourself from using this feature too much.

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