Building a Brand: Putting Magic Into A Logo and Website

It’s great to have a pr client that encourages you to be creative with their logo and website. In the case of Loren Michael Zwick, the Surrealist Magician, we did just that. Although we didn’t go overboard because we are reaching local B2B clients as well as other corporate company’s, we did have fun making the website entertaining. Designing a web site was part of our local publicity and marketing campaign.magician web site

Loren’s web site plays up his talent, by making the face cards on the left change and his eyes shift left to right. The navigation buttons make a puff of smoke and disappear when the mouse rolls over them.

The logo was more challenging. To create the mystic and surreal feeling, we used black and white as the colors and then designed his initials LMZ with a free flowing hand lettering style. The letter “M” is invisible until you stare at the logo. You then notice it is the negative space between the L and Z.

Many pr clients may not want their branding campaign to be this aggressive, but Loren is that exception. With Loren Michael Zwick logothe competitiveness in any industry, it is important to build a branding that is positive and memorable to your audience. Our pr marketing strategy will continue the path of this direction as we begin a new series of publicity releases for this pr marketing campaign. If you need some magic in your pr marketing campaign, call Carson Marketing at 949-477-9400.

Azzurro Wheels goes with Carson PR

Publicity in Orange County doesn’t really get as much recognition for those pr agencies, pr clients as it should. For example, we recently were awarded the complete publicity, marketing and advertising for Azzurro Wheels based in St Charles, Illinois. The company, not being a major consumer product, makes Publicity in Orange County for our company limited to only pr clients that are national in the sense of name recognition, not national in scope.

The new client, which sells to the go-kart industry, manufactures different racing wheels for indoor and outside tracks for go-karts. Not a big impact for the general awareness, but big enough in the karting industry.

go-kart wheel manufacturerWe began the campaign by developing a theme “Simply The Finest. Period.” with a new fractional page ad. This is being enhanced with a web marketing plan to get more customers to visit the web site. We also created the company’s web site. In addition, we will be doing press releases, publicity press kits, negotiate pr articles, and will be responsible for all the marketing and advertising materials for the company.

When someone mentions the words “Publicity in Orange County” you think of only a few companies. That’s even true with Ad Agencies. Why? Those few get press becasue they may work with a larger, nationally known branded company.  Yet, many successful publicity and advertising agencies are in Orange County. There are different organizations and clubs that pr clients, pr agencies, and ad agencies can join. One for example is the OC Ad Club. Another, for those in publicity in Orange County you can join the Orange County Public Relations Society of America (OCPRSA).

Tips To Getting More Web Traffic

Get Visitors To trust You

Get more traffic and trustSounds like a great idea to get visitors to trust you and your company, right? Not as easy as you might think. But when you see the list to getting trust, you will think, "hey, I already know this stuff". If so, then why haven’t you incorporated that into your publicity campaign, your web site and all the means of communication you now do for your company.

Pr Clients, public relations specialists know and use trust in the campaigns they develop. Now it’s time you implement these tips. Before you toss out the "easy tips" make sure you add those you are not already using.

1– Do you have a phone and contact info on the web site?
Right, you already have that, but is it easy for customers to find the contact info?

2- If you are doing any consumer marketing, consider registering the site with BBB and These are recognizable non-profit organizations that can give your company that seal of approval in customers eyes.

3- Is your ABOUT US page current? Not everyone thinks of updating their site, especially this page. It is the first place most potential customers will visit to learn about you.

4- Press Room. Make sure you write press releases and place them into your press room on the web site. This also means anything of importance like, new people in the company, or civic events that your company helps to sponsor, etc.

5- Offer Refunds, and guarantees. Most people may not use these even if someting isn’t what they want, but it gives your site credibility and that feeling of TRUST.

These are but a few tips to make your web site more trustworthy by customers. To learn how your site can get more consumer friendly, give us a call.

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Build an SEO Web Site

Make your web site a publicity magnet

Do you currently have a web site? Is it attracting clients? What about the media?

If you are ready to launch a new web site, or about to modify your existing site, you need to do these things first!
What I am about to explain, is based on your site being SEO friendly. That means it has been optimized correctly, the use of flash is correctly displayed and that your site is NOT built with frames. Optimizing a site is more than placing a bunch of keywords into your HTML or in your main text. If you are not sure if the site you are about to launch, contact a company who understands web marketing to help you increase the traffic and publicity attention your company needs.

You have heard this many times before, but building external links is still a high priority with all the major search engines. Make sure the links you setup are with those who have a Page Rank in excess of 3/10.

I can’t stress enough that this section of your site can be a main channel to the media. Your site should include a "press room". In this area you should place all your press releases that are optimized. Yes, even press releases, articles and short stories about the company need to be optimized. If not, then your pressroom is only another page. Also, be sure to submit the releases to all the appropriate online media. If you need help with your publicity, hire a company that can help you.

Yes, there are times that you need to make some purchases to get the site in a high position and to attract clients/customers. Be wise in your purchase. One company that can help is called text link ads.

Another excellent marketing tip. Be sure to get as many relevant links exchanged. Make sure these are companies in your related industry.

I cannot say this enough times. A blog "company" site, or a blog site from the CEO, President, or other noteworthy person in your company can be another excellent marketing tool. It does require daily attention. This can be done with the assistance of other staff members of the company that the author can then review the blogs prior to posting.

Want more leads, more traffic? Try these tips and if you really want to jump start a Publicity program, give us a call.

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Do You Have A Media Press Room?

Start with your web site

News room onlineEveryone knows that journalists are constantly on tight deadlines. In order for them to do a good job, they need to get the information fast and easily.

Your web site should have a pressroom that showcases all the releases, media fact sheet, personnel profiles, among other important media information. Your online pressroom makes it easy for even the sales team to direct clients and potential clients to see how the media views the company.

Yes, I did say the sales team. What pr clients and pr professionals need to do is work together. Everyone in the company, from the front office person to the warehouse and shippers, need to work together. They all contribute to the culture of the company, which in general is your branding. But that’s another subject.

Let’s get back to the pressroom.

If you feel that you don’t have anything to put in thebrainstroming in a meeting pressroom, then it’s time to have a meeting with the sales people, the marketing staff and the publicity members. Bringing everyone together to contribute to this can be rewarding. It can also get out-of-hand. So a clear agenda needs to be in place for the meeting to adhere to.

I saw a blog on PowerPR’s site that discussed working in groups. This is kinda like that idea. In his blog, they speak of brainstorming. Well, if that’s what it takes, then go for it!

If you need some help in developing a brainstorming session, then read this article in Business Week to help inspire your team. Thanks again to PowerPR for this tip.

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Get Visual With Publicity

The Media Will Listen If You Speak

We have already accepted that everyone wants to build traffic to his or her site. Publicity people want the media to visit the site. And the marketing/sales staff wants the site to sell more products. So what’s the answer? How about a talking head?

talking head for web sitesSounds silly, but if you haven’t looked into this unique talking head add-on, then check it out. The web site is called SitePal.

I’m not a rep for them, nor do I get any commissions, I want you to know of this neat add-on for your web site. Marketing people will probably like it, publicity people will not be sure how to use it. If that’s your problem, then it’s time you put on the creative thinking cap.

Imagine this. The "press room" on the web site introduces the visitor to the different articles and the press releases about the company. Now you have a talking head that will capture the attention of the visitor and they will more likely listen and then download the press kit and other information. This can be a clever tool for publicity professionals or pr clients who feel that the words they write can be more powerful if only the visitor could “hear” them rather than read them. Just a suggestion.

An important note: you don’t go overboard using this feature. Just like creating a PowerPoint presentation, you shouldn’t use all the different slide techniques and effects in a presentation; here too you need to restrain yourself from using this feature too much.

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