Do You Have A Media Press Room?

Start with your web site

News room onlineEveryone knows that journalists are constantly on tight deadlines. In order for them to do a good job, they need to get the information fast and easily.

Your web site should have a pressroom that showcases all the releases, media fact sheet, personnel profiles, among other important media information. Your online pressroom makes it easy for even the sales team to direct clients and potential clients to see how the media views the company.

Yes, I did say the sales team. What pr clients and pr professionals need to do is work together. Everyone in the company, from the front office person to the warehouse and shippers, need to work together. They all contribute to the culture of the company, which in general is your branding. But that’s another subject.

Let’s get back to the pressroom.

If you feel that you don’t have anything to put in thebrainstroming in a meeting pressroom, then it’s time to have a meeting with the sales people, the marketing staff and the publicity members. Bringing everyone together to contribute to this can be rewarding. It can also get out-of-hand. So a clear agenda needs to be in place for the meeting to adhere to.

I saw a blog on PowerPR’s site that discussed working in groups. This is kinda like that idea. In his blog, they speak of brainstorming. Well, if that’s what it takes, then go for it!

If you need some help in developing a brainstorming session, then read this article in Business Week to help inspire your team. Thanks again to PowerPR for this tip.

See Also

Press Kit on the Web

Make Your Web Site Newsworthy

Many companies are posting their press releases inside their web site. Few are including a complete press kit for reporters to download.

Is this what you are doing? If not, maybe it’s time to re-think how you communicate with the press.

Technology has changed how we interact with the media. The positive to this, it becomes easier and faster to update your media information and to post a new release about the company.

Bill Stoller, a publisher, wrote an article about this topic. He points out that although the "printed" press kit has not died, it is important to put the material online for reporters to download. But where to put your link to this information is up to you. Some believe it is best to have a link visible on the main page; others will create an entire section within the site for all press media to view and download.

The choice is yours.

Mr. Stoller gives a few tips on the Do’s and Don’ts about letting the press know about your pressroom site.

One of the most important parts to the article is what you need to put into this newsroom. The obvious, which is the contact info, press releases, and executive bios/photos. But what companies neglect to add is the "search tool". The worst thing a reporter hates is getting lost inside your site, not knowing how to get back, or find what they were just reading.

For those who are proactive in getting a pressroom online, Mr. Stoller provided these web sites as examples of how to build your pressroom: