Do You Have A Media Press Room?

Start with your web site

News room onlineEveryone knows that journalists are constantly on tight deadlines. In order for them to do a good job, they need to get the information fast and easily.

Your web site should have a pressroom that showcases all the releases, media fact sheet, personnel profiles, among other important media information. Your online pressroom makes it easy for even the sales team to direct clients and potential clients to see how the media views the company.

Yes, I did say the sales team. What pr clients and pr professionals need to do is work together. Everyone in the company, from the front office person to the warehouse and shippers, need to work together. They all contribute to the culture of the company, which in general is your branding. But that’s another subject.

Let’s get back to the pressroom.

If you feel that you don’t have anything to put in thebrainstroming in a meeting pressroom, then it’s time to have a meeting with the sales people, the marketing staff and the publicity members. Bringing everyone together to contribute to this can be rewarding. It can also get out-of-hand. So a clear agenda needs to be in place for the meeting to adhere to.

I saw a blog on PowerPR’s site that discussed working in groups. This is kinda like that idea. In his blog, they speak of brainstorming. Well, if that’s what it takes, then go for it!

If you need some help in developing a brainstorming session, then read this article in Business Week to help inspire your team. Thanks again to PowerPR for this tip.

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What’s Better—Blogging or Publicity?

Is there a difference?

You hear so many opinions about what is the direction of the future. Is it blogging, or a stronger, traditional publicity campaign?

Neither one should be practiced alone.

The new technology has made blogging a good communications soruce, which in part is publicity. But this alone cannot be the main source for a solid PR campaign. You still need to interact with the media.

I saw a blog site this morning about this similar topic. Tom Murphy’s PR Opinions speaks about how people think Blogging killed PR (Publicity). He is right, at least in my opinion, that blogging is a new form of communication, but it is not replacing or killing traditional PR.

As I have said before, publicity is everywhere! Blogging is just one of the many and useful means to get your message out the market.

So before you jump into blogging and think it will be your main publicity vehicle, think twice. Don’t turn your back on reporters, or other media. They will be around for a long time. And these reporters, journalists are also reading blogs. They are not in the dark of the technology.

As for blogging, it will probably be here too, but will it outlast traditional publicity vehicles, I doubt it.

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