Building a Brand: Putting Magic Into A Logo and Website

It’s great to have a pr client that encourages you to be creative with their logo and website. In the case of Loren Michael Zwick, the Surrealist Magician, we did just that. Although we didn’t go overboard because we are reaching local B2B clients as well as other corporate company’s, we did have fun making the website entertaining. Designing a web site was part of our local publicity and marketing campaign.magician web site

Loren’s web site plays up his talent, by making the face cards on the left change and his eyes shift left to right. The navigation buttons make a puff of smoke and disappear when the mouse rolls over them.

The logo was more challenging. To create the mystic and surreal feeling, we used black and white as the colors and then designed his initials LMZ with a free flowing hand lettering style. The letter “M” is invisible until you stare at the logo. You then notice it is the negative space between the L and Z.

Many pr clients may not want their branding campaign to be this aggressive, but Loren is that exception. With Loren Michael Zwick logothe competitiveness in any industry, it is important to build a branding that is positive and memorable to your audience. Our pr marketing strategy will continue the path of this direction as we begin a new series of publicity releases for this pr marketing campaign. If you need some magic in your pr marketing campaign, call Carson Marketing at 949-477-9400.

What To Write About

Make the story interesting and meaningful

Publicity firms are always asked by their clients to "write something about our company that is great!"

To do this you need to make sure what you are going to write is going to have credible information to that publication’s readers. Just because you or your client feels the information is valid, think of whom you are going to pitch the story to. Go through a list of questions:
1- How important is this information to the readers of XYZ publication
2- Does this offer anything that can help or enhance a readers knowledge to improve their life, business, etc?
3- Am I only writing this to get people interested in the product or service? If so, re-think this and re-write it to be lees self-serving.
4- How timely is this information?

These are but a few points to consider when you need to "get the word out" for a client or if you are a company doing pr internally, then re-think your story or release.

The worst thing you can do is submitting non-informative information in the form of a press release or story to reporters, because the industry hears this type of communication. It can cause a negative effect on you, the company you work for and can cause future releases to be less considered when you get this type of reputation.

Make the words count, in more ways than in numbers. It is up to you to put aside the "sell" and write for the good of the potential readers of a publication.

That will position you higher on the list with reporters.

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Are You Ready for Show Season?

Prepare your materials now

Every industry is preparing for the new selling season and trade shows are the way most companies present their new products and services.

No matter the industry you serve, your trade shows season is coming soon. Whether you can afford to travel to the different shows this year, you need to evaluate the sales materials and publicity kits that can be used to distribute to potential customers and the media.

Having outdated, or last years materials handed out at shows is a sign of a non-productive company. Don’t let your competition steal your market share or customers by them having better sales materials. That is also true for the press kit and any publicity materials.

It can cost you more in potential sales to not invest in developing new materials.

If you are introducing a new product, make sure the package design fits your target audience. And make sure that you have a press release in the Press Room. Better yet a complete Press Kit about the new item(s) and the information about your company, etc. in the kit.

Be prepared to "meet with the press". Make sure you have selected a spokesperson and they are educated on your products and the company’s philosophy, mission statement, etc. You would be surprised how many companies think they know a lot about their company and the products until a reporter asks questions. Remember, you DON"T sell to reporters at trade shows (or anytime for that matter), they want facts. Don’t make the mistake of explaining the product/service as if the reporter was a buyer. That will turn them off.

We have prepared materials for all different clients trade shows, and have prepared them to meet the media for press conferences to announcements of a new product introduction.

Make your time at the show be productive in all areas of marketing and publicity.

And if you cannot attend, we have a program to reach your potential customers and the media so that you don’t miss out on the selling season for your industry.

Call us; we are ready to make good things happen for your company!

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