Yamaha Music Centers and Spa OTANI understand branding

Recently our advertising company, Carson Marketing, Inc. was awarded two new accounts. They are: Yamaha Music Centers and Spa OTANI. Both pr clients understand the power of branding as a key ingredient for a successful marketing and advertising campaign. We presented our pr marketing strategies to these pr clients, and they quickly noticed how we incorporated the branding as an integral part of the overall advertising, marketing and publicity campaign.

Yamaha Music Centers are known worldwide and have the highest percentage of graduates who have become famous songwriters, musicians, and composers. Not all schools understand the Yamaha philosophy. That’s why the campaign we developed will further explain how children at a young age (from 18 months to 8 years) can improve their learning skills when music is part of their education. It is a fact that students who take music lessons have higher scores in math, and written skills. Carson Marketing, Inc. is now completing a new web site for the Yamaha Music Centers locations and creating various promotional, collateral materials for the schools. A publicity campaign is currently being developed as part of the complete branding program.

For the Spa, our company analyzed the current spa and found through research and a sampling focus study the former name (Spa Da Vinci) was not as appealing as once considered 8 years ago. Our client had recently acquired the company and was looking to increase its customer base. brandingBy changing the name (which our agency developed) to Spa OTANI and adding the tag line “Treat Your Body”  helped to establish the new spa as a place of enjoyment and relaxation. As part of our overall pr marketing strategy, we designed the logo for the new name, created a web site and developed all the sales materials for the spa. To further change the old image and to build a new branding image, we worked with the client by re-designing the interior rooms and selected new paint colors. A tie-in promotional campaign with hotels, and businesses is already in the works.

As you can see, sometimes branding could include a new name with a full image campaign or just a re-positioning of an existing name as in the case of Yamaha Music Centers. If your company isn’t sure of how to increase sales for the coming year, it might be time to contact George Carson at Carson Marketing, Inc. (949-477-9400) and get his expert opinion as what is needed for your company.

Are You Ready for Show Season?

Prepare your materials now

Every industry is preparing for the new selling season and trade shows are the way most companies present their new products and services.

No matter the industry you serve, your trade shows season is coming soon. Whether you can afford to travel to the different shows this year, you need to evaluate the sales materials and publicity kits that can be used to distribute to potential customers and the media.

Having outdated, or last years materials handed out at shows is a sign of a non-productive company. Don’t let your competition steal your market share or customers by them having better sales materials. That is also true for the press kit and any publicity materials.

It can cost you more in potential sales to not invest in developing new materials.

If you are introducing a new product, make sure the package design fits your target audience. And make sure that you have a press release in the Press Room. Better yet a complete Press Kit about the new item(s) and the information about your company, etc. in the kit.

Be prepared to "meet with the press". Make sure you have selected a spokesperson and they are educated on your products and the company’s philosophy, mission statement, etc. You would be surprised how many companies think they know a lot about their company and the products until a reporter asks questions. Remember, you DON"T sell to reporters at trade shows (or anytime for that matter), they want facts. Don’t make the mistake of explaining the product/service as if the reporter was a buyer. That will turn them off.

We have prepared materials for all different clients trade shows, and have prepared them to meet the media for press conferences to announcements of a new product introduction.

Make your time at the show be productive in all areas of marketing and publicity.

And if you cannot attend, we have a program to reach your potential customers and the media so that you don’t miss out on the selling season for your industry.

Call us; we are ready to make good things happen for your company!

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