Building a Brand: Putting Magic Into A Logo and Website

It’s great to have a pr client that encourages you to be creative with their logo and website. In the case of Loren Michael Zwick, the Surrealist Magician, we did just that. Although we didn’t go overboard because we are reaching local B2B clients as well as other corporate company’s, we did have fun making the website entertaining. Designing a web site was part of our local publicity and marketing campaign.magician web site

Loren’s web site plays up his talent, by making the face cards on the left change and his eyes shift left to right. The navigation buttons make a puff of smoke and disappear when the mouse rolls over them.

The logo was more challenging. To create the mystic and surreal feeling, we used black and white as the colors and then designed his initials LMZ with a free flowing hand lettering style. The letter “M” is invisible until you stare at the logo. You then notice it is the negative space between the L and Z.

Many pr clients may not want their branding campaign to be this aggressive, but Loren is that exception. With Loren Michael Zwick logothe competitiveness in any industry, it is important to build a branding that is positive and memorable to your audience. Our pr marketing strategy will continue the path of this direction as we begin a new series of publicity releases for this pr marketing campaign. If you need some magic in your pr marketing campaign, call Carson Marketing at 949-477-9400.

Search Engine Marketing. Use it with your PR Marketing.

This is another “Publicity Is Everywhere” series.

Why is search engine marketing (SEM) so popular? Because without it, a pr clients web site cannot compete with all the other Internet eCommerce web sites. Whether you have a traditional brick and mortar store and a web site presence, pr clients need to implement a search engine marketing effort that is part of the overall pr marketing strategy campaign.

As I have said many times, “publicity is everywhere”. This includes the web. And itsearch engine marketing doesn’t matter if you are doing B2B marketing or consumer direct marketing, SEM can improve your web site traffic. Although many companies try to do SEM in-house, it cannot be as productive as those companies who are experts in Search Engine Optimization. SEM is a full time position and requires dedication that continually researches the competition, keywords, and source codes to keep a web site ahead of the competition. The New York Times defines SEM “as the practice of buying paid search listings with the goal of obtaining better free search listings”.

In 2003, a non-profit organization was formed. It is called Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO). The purpose of this organization is to promote search engine marketing and provide educational resources to members and consumers.

Some of the SEM tactics are paid placement and paid inclusion. Both are acceptable forms of getting a pr clients web site ranked high and listed on Yahoo and Google. But other methods should also be included. These are social media, blog sites and a public relations program. The later are more affordable than paid rankings and will add to the branding of any pr clients marketing strategies.

Review some of the other tips and articles I have written about seo, keywords, and optimization to better understand the complexity of developing a solid SEM program. If you are a pr client that wants to jump ahead with a proven pr marketing strategy campaign, then call Carson Marketing Inc. Ask for George Carson. He will show you how to get noticed and build traffic to your web site.