Publicity Sells Things Too

Blogging is publicity

Ever wonder how people find out about web sites or stores that specialize in unique items, or sell unusual things?

I’m sure you already know the answer. It’s word-of-mouth that is now called blogging.

Blogging is another form of telling people about things they might not have heard about. It is PUBLICITY at another level.

To prove my point, I read a blog from Dan Janal that talked about a site that competes with eBay but not head-on. Unlike other companies that didn’t succeed, as Dan mentioned, this unique site specializes in technology stuff. Mostly electronics. They prefer to call themselves the Scientific Marketplace. The site is called LabX.

Not the easiest name, but short enough to remember for the most part.

I checked it out, and yes, a lot of things are listed, as well as you can post your own items to sell.

This bit of information is again to remind us all that publicity comes in all forms and is everywhere. You just need to identify how you want to get the message out. And blogging has definitely helped this site as it has for many others.

Blogging is definitely getting into the main stream of business. It has become a business tool. Look into the benefits of a good business blog site to see how it can help your company grow.

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Become an Expert

It builds your brand

Our clients have enjoyed the position they hold in their respective markets. That’s due in large part from the branding and marketing we created to establish their position.

I’m not bragging, just want to make a few good points about what you can do to help re-position your company in a specific market.

First, as always, you need a plan. Don’t just be a bull and charge ahead without knowing the path you want to take, and what you hope to accomplish.

Ok, now that we mentioned a plan, this is something to consider.

One of the publicity programs that you have in your plan, should include a series of articles on topics that you are an expert in. These should be sent to reporters, publishers and other important media (trade journals, newsletters in your industry, etc).

Become more visible in the community, and in your industry. Contact the different associations in your industry and become a speaker, or ask if you could conduct a workshop at one of the meetings.

You could write a book on a subject that you are very knowledgeable in. Then self publish the book, or submit it to publishers.

I noticed the other day when surfing different blog sites that Dan Janal’s blog, he mentioned that he encourages clients to do teleseminars. That’s a great marketing and pr tool. Teleseminars are easy to do, no major costs involved such as renting rooms, providing drinks, or traveling.

Dan also says he sells transcripts, CD’s and it makes the program profitable.

I am a true believer to use technology when it can benefit a company. Just like your web site, which should work for you, let a teleseminar do the same.

That’s the tip for the day, become an expert. Need to know more, or how to do this, give me a call. We’ll get you going in the right direction!

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