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A PR effort is needed

It is always interesting to see that what you have been telling clients finally gets support in the media.

Publicity is and will always be the backbone to gaining any recognition (favorable, not favorable) for a company or its products.

I was reading a posted blog that supports one of my many convictions. It was titled "Power Law Blogging". In this short blog, he states that another article he read, the writer had this to say about blogging:

“The good news is that it’s still possible to create a top-ranked blog,” says Shirky. “The bad news is, the way to get into the top ten now seems to be public relations.” Just posting witty entries and hoping for traffic won’t do it. You have to actively seek out attention from the press. “That’s how they’re jump-starting the links structure. It’s not organic.”

As you can easily see, you need a strong media mix to become successful. One marketing tool is not enough. Starting a blog is and should be on your list of good resource tools. Be sure to add, or expand further a publicity program. Together these will help your company get noticed!

Take it a step further and make sure you have a complete marketing plan. The plan does not need to be complex. It can be designed to work within a limited budget. The plan will give you a direction and establish guidelines. After a few weeks, review the plan. See if it still meets your goals and objectives.

Now back to blogging.

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Are Keywords Important?

Buying Keywords, is it for you?

Companies are always trying to get more out of their web sites, and they should. But too many times, when the site isn’t generating enough sales, or leads, marketing executives turn to buying of keywords.

Is it right for you?

You need to seriously think about this before putting marketing money into these types of programs. Yes, it can bring "people" to your site. Notice I said people, not customers, or clients. There is a BIG difference.

The search engines make their millions, or billions on ad dollars. One of those ad dollars is the purchasing of key words. Google has a program called AdWords. It is a bidding process that you do when you want a key word.

A good article explains this in more detail from They tell you that you need to be careful in selecting, or choosing a word to bid on. If it is too general, such as coffee (let’s say your company sells something like this), then you don’t want that keyword. Of course a lot of people will be typing that word into the search, but that means this word will be very expensive. You need to find a niche or specific coffee that cost of your competitors would not purchase.

After you do all this experimenting, and buying different keywords (hey, did you think you’re going to get a lot of business buying only one keywrod?), you need to track your results and compre it to the sales.

That’s just one thing to consider. Read the article to get the full scoop and then decide.

My reason for bringing this to your attention, is that keyword bidding can be good, but it can be costly. The return can also be good, but at what cost?

I suggest that if you really believe in this media, then be sure to follow it closely.

I also recommend that you have a strong media mix in your plan. Let’s day blogging! I like that suggestion, or other web marketing strategies.

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