Packaging and Publicity

Publicity is everywhere!

We were recently asked to do a creative package design for a Burrito Manufacturer. The assignment will consist of 6 different flavored items, from Beef and Bean, to Chili and Beef.

Our company has been involved in the package design industry for over 25 years. Most of the work has been in the Snack Food industry. Other industries that we have created packages for are: auto sound systems, car polishes, health products, automotive accessories, sports products (shoes, ear plugs, apparel) and many others.

Why am I telling you this and how does it relate to PR?

Nice that you asked.

Designing a package directly relates to publicity. It is how a company becomes positioned for that product. It is how customers will view you. The package tells a lot. The design and the construction work hand-in-hand.

You need to have an understanding of the market…ok, sounds like a marketing lesson, well it is both marketing and pr. Knowing the customer (whether it is a B2B or consumer) your package will have an impact of their perception of your company. So why not take advantage of this marketing lesson and make it a pr effort as well. How?

Another great question. You do this by the graphics and images placed on the package. Then you do a series of press releases and write an article about the product and its new package and how it will affect your market.

I can’t get into all the specifics in this short blog, but you see the direction I’m taking. PR is everywhere. You just need to know how to take advantage of it and how to use it properly.

Do you need some help with your project to know how to incorporate it into a pr effort? Give me a call. We’re here to help you make a better impression.

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Take a Break Fridays

As you noticed I wasn’t writing any blogs these past few days. Well, like most people, it was time to take a break.

Now it’s a new week and there are a lot of interesting topics that need to be discussed. Most of the subjects revolve around publicity. You just can’t avoid this pr stuff! It’s everywhere.

Even when you meet people at a party, or celebrate a holiday as you did this past weekend. We are always using pr. Yes. Think about when you are talking to someone, a family member for example. You speak to them differently than a new person you meet at the party. Then when you are driving home and a police officer pulls you over…right, you use a different "form" of pr. It’s all in the presentation.

I will be discussing several subjects that include marketing, packaging, web sites, to complete creative campaigns that might include logos and sales materials. Even sales calls will be discussed.

In all, these will be interesting subjects that should open your mind and provide informative views to help you improve your own company’s publicity. If you have a specific area that you need better understanding, then send me a comment and I will address that issue or topic.