Internet Marketing Tips

If you already have a well designed web site and structure but the site still doesn’t get a lot of traffic, you probably have not optimized the site and ignored doing any web marketing. The word “optimize” is so overused that most companies ignore it when heard. Why? Probably due to the fact it has become a catch-all term for SEO’s and web marketers. Let’s clear this up. Optimization is when a site has keyword density and the words and key phrases are optimized by the placement in your text. Using the correct Meta Tags is another part to successful optimizing.

Now let’s discuss a few tips on Internet marketing. This should be included in your pr marketing strategy campaign. First you should establish links to your web site. One term that is used to describe this process is link popularity. This means the number of web sites that currently link to your site. The key secret here is to have as many inbound links asInternet Marketing possible. But there is a risk. Do not have links from web sites not related to your industry. Some companies will sell you a web marketing campaign that gets you 1,000 or 5,000 inbound links. If these links are from bogus sites, mirror sites, or unrelated industry sites, then the search engines will just drop you to the bottom of the list.

Quality inbound links is needed, not just quantity. Several methods can be used to create inbound links. If you have a web master or an in-house web marketer, have them contact companies in your industry or related industries and ask to have a link placed on their site. You would also offer a reciprocal link to theirs. Create a site map, or a “links page” to place the other web sites.

Another tip is to have your publicity agency, or in-house pr director write articles and press releases that are distributed to the on-line media. Be sure that you “optimize” your press release and articles. This will add to the higher rankings.

One more tip, get a blog site. This is another excellent way to create links and build traffic to the main site. The blog needs to have all the RSS feeds in order to get noticed and create traffic.

Ok, I’ve given you a few tips on how to build quality traffic using Internet Marketing tips. This pr marketing strategy should help get your web site to the level you want. If you need further assistance, then give us a call. We have the expertise to “make things happen”.