Where to send your Press Releases

If you are a pr client, then take notes, this can help you get press releases published. If you are a small pr agency, make sure you know these tips.

It seems when pr clients have press releases they feel the “world” wants to know all aboutpress release distribution it and cannot understand why it hasn’t been published. To get press releases published, you should first start in your own local backyard. This means contact your local media. Local newspapers, radio shows, TV reporters, and even online eMagazines. When you do this, it will help build your company name among the media. Even local papers, and other local media get the attention of national press. So start in this manner and then follow these steps.

To find the types of local media in your area, there are many sources you can use. Since we are in the age of Internet, this should be your first place to research. It is best to Google, or Yahoo the industry you or your pr client is in. I’ll give you a few places to look, such as:

Media Post. This lists all the media in the US

NewsLin.org provides a list of countries for media sources

ABYZ News Links, this also is a directory of countries

I need to mention that you or your pr client must have a web site. Why? In today’s fast moving world, a company’s web sites are a source for media, reporters to verify information, or to collect additional information about a company. After the press release is professionally written, now where do you submit it? Begin with the local media– newspapers, magazines in your area.

Then use the online sources. Some of these are: PRWeb.com. This site allows free distribution of releases. Another Free online site is Free-Press-Release.com. Many other excellent online sources exist. But start small and build your own media list that is specific to your industry.

Remember to post these press releases on your pr client’s web site. Having a “newsroom” is what reporters; editors look for when visiting a company site. If you need more help or tips for press release distribution, call us at CarsonPR. We can get you noticed!

Press Release Distribution

Get your release to the media

Writing a press release that has newsworthy information is a task. Once accomplished in developing this newsworthy bit of information, you need to get the word out.

Not as simple as many thought. Yes, there are a lot of Internet companies claiming to send out releases for you. And yes, you can look up all the reporters and create a database of media yourself.

The cost needs to be evaluated in these different processes.

For example you can join organizations such as Business Wire (which was bought by Warren Buffet’s company about a month ago) and pay their yearly dues. On top of that it will cost anywhere from $300 to $800 to send out one press release.

Other companies like Mass Media Distribution will send your release to 100 newspapers for about 100 bucks. But these are limitations, restrictions; you need to read the tiny print and what you are getting.

Don’t misunderstand me, these are good places to get the news sent out, but that’s all they do. No follow-up, no help in getting you a possible article, or even get the release published as written.

Whatever path you take, it requires a lot of follow through, relationships with the media, and creating the releases/articles that are written to their audience.

The solution is to get professional help in getting that news into the hands of the media. And those pros will work to get articles, follow-up stories and do a lot more than just being a glorified mailing source. A good pro will develop a pr plan that will include press kits, event planning, interviews with the media, press conferences, distribute kits and attend many trade shows in your industry to arrange for reporters to meet with you, among many other services.

You will actually save money this way, which will be a better investment than trying to go the other routes.

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