Promotional Marketing and PR Strategies

If you want to give your pr clients exposure to any of the new products or services they offer, create a promotional marketing program. The PR strategy is to get the ultimate customer involved with your pr client’s product. Sounds rather obvious, right? It should if you are a pr professional. If you are a pr client looking for ways to increase visibility, then consider using this pr marketing strategy.

Promotional PR marketing strategiesI’m sure you have all seen these types of “consumer involvement” campaigns. Currently there are many showing up on television, direct mailers, and in print media (magazines, newspapers). One example is the show “Smallville”. Toyota has discovered to compete in a crowded auto industry you need to get the consumers attention and get them involved with your product. They run a series of “superman cartoons” and ask the viewer to figure out the next sequence. Another is for the new release of the movie”Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.” This time Verizon Wireless has learned quickly that customers love to play games. In this promotion, which the media, Promo Magazine calls Buccaneer Marketing, asks the participants to choose their own adventure for the game. Based on the movie, it is a first for this type of game-movie tie-in. Read the article and the others that offer good suggestions to gain visibility through promotional marketing strategies.

I have been a believer that when you get your audience invloved in the products that pr clients offer, your return is greater. We did this for years with our client’s in the auto dealership industry.

When done correctly, you can create a pr marketing strategy that can be very powerful when you include publicity.