Using RSS To Get Publicity

Publicity needs to keep up with technology

To keep in this fast pace of publicity, we are always searching for and want to find access to a lot of information. One of the sources to use is the RSS feed.

This stands for Real Simple Syndication. It allows you to access current news about any topic. It is great for those publicity firms or advertising agencies, or pr clients who are in a vertical market.

It seems the more information we have available to access, the more we want. RSS will satisfy your hunger for all the information you desire.

Sometimes I can’t read that days different feeds coming to us. What I usually will do is scan through the news and click onto those that catch my attention.

Public relations people will find this marketing tool very helpful. When you get into a habit of learning how to take advantage of RSS feeds, you will find it a great source for information, as well as a marketing tool for your client’s pr activities.

Many different weblogs are built around RSS feeds. That is one of the reasons how RSS became a solid marketing media for the news industry. Reporters, publishers and broadcast media use these feeds because they can publish and retrieve up-to the minute news.

For those of you who want to learn the history and how RSS became a daily media, I suggest you visit an article called “Dive into XML”, by Mark Pilgrim.

And for those of you who want to get RSS feeds to your web site, this is one place you can get information on how-to, it is There are many others, just type in RSS into Google, or Yahoo and a Billion sites will be there ready to explain more.

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Use All The Internet Tools

Publicity is everywhere

It’s time to continue the discussion about publicity being everywhere. The most active and productive place is the Internet.

Before we dive into this, keep in mind that traditional pr, such as publications (both newspaper, magazines), and broadcast media should be an on-going mix with your overall pr activities.

Clients tend to either keep the traditional methods and don’t explore the new media, or they drop all the reporters and publishers and only concentrate on the Internet news for press release distribution.

As I began saying earlier, you need to work within the powerful media of the Internet. One good suggestion is the RSS with a blog site.

I’ve mentioned this before, but pr clients tend to not fully appreciate the advantage of this new media. Because we use the Internet as a means of gathering information "quickly", clients feel that their blogsite should have "instant" success.

Remember that Kevin Costner movie…well, just because you build a blog site, not everyone will read it.

You need to market the site. When done correctly and with the right company, professional bloggers (yes they do exist) can make the site become highly ranked. And the company doing the work for you, if they are into RSS and Blogging can get your main web site listed high with the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Alta Vista.

There are lessons to be learned when building a blogsite. More importantly you need to have daily blogs. I cannot go into all the needed essentials to building a good business blogsite in this short blog lesson. So keep in mind to be successful in any industry, use all the marketing tools that exist. That may even mean a direct mail program if that’s what is needed to gain favorable publicity. When was the last time you had an open discussion with your pr director, or met with the publicity firm to review a plan? If it’s been over three months, then it’s time to call a meeting.

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