The Search Race

Publicity needs search engines

If you dig deep enough you can find studies on most any subject, and topic.

That’s the great part of being in this era. Internet searches have helped publicity people contact the media easier, find data about specific subjects, or to gather information to write a better article.

And studies of most recent, are about the search engines. This little survey can help pr companies and clients who are in specific markets know which search engines are the most popular in their field.

This doesn’t mean you should just assume that a particular engine is the one to use, it shows the activity of the different search engines.

For example, a study from Research Brief, titled "Pick Influential Search Engine By Category, But Yahoo! Safe Bet", shows that Yahoo! is the number one overall choice for those making a purchase. But when you see the different categories, the results change. In electronics, Google is #1, followed by Yahoo!, then MSN and 4th is AOL.

To see a completely different order, look at Car/Truck stats. MSN is #1, followed by Yahoo!, then Google, Ask Jeeves and finally AOL.

Doing the proper research in all areas can benefit Pr clients and publicity firms. Make sure when you send your releases to the media, you keep these search engines in mind. They can help your visibility when your site is listed higher with them. Make your pr campaign part of your search engine strategy.

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