Get Your Site Noticed

Use the SEO’s to get listed

There are thousands of new pages being indexed everyday. Your web site is just one of the millions being asked to get listed and hopefully on the top 10.

So how does a company find the right source to get the site listed on search engines like Google, or Yahoo, or MSN and the other majors? It can be done, but patience is a must. Unless you pay for a position on the "sponsored" page, or bid on key words, or do the pay-per-click method, you need to use smart submissions and marketing.

Just like good publicity, it takes time to get a high ranking and top 10 listings.

Most of the major search engines will allow you to directly submit your web site. Google offers free listings, but then again, you and a million others are listing there.

If you are ambitious and willing to go through a list of seo’s to find other free and paid listings, this is a good place to start…try this link. For those pr clients and advertisers wanting quick response, go to Yahoo’s paid inclusion.

Once listed, you need to make sure you stay there. Oh, one more thing. Be sure your site is correctly optimized. That means more than key words and key phrases. If you want more information on this part just contact me.

After you are listed, put a schedule in your publicity plan to update the site every four months. Keeping it fresh is another good business strategy. Search engine marketing is serious business, and that means you need to treat your site as a business using smart web marketing strategies.

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