Protect your web site investment. Avoid making SE mistakes.

Search Engine Marketing is both an art and full time business. Knowing what makes them angry can help any pr client avoid being tossed off the list.

If you are a pr client, or an ad agency, or better yet, a web design company, make sure you know the rules of good web development and understand what makes SE’s (search engines)search engine marketing mad. You may already recognize a few of these “don’t do” rules, but I am sure you will find some that you did not know and should avoid.

Remember, if you engage in any of these “don’t do rules” your web site can be banned or dropped from their rankings. That can have serious effects on your web site traffic, and ruin a pr marketing strategy campaign that might have included keywords, optimizing, banner ads, reciprocal links, just to mention a few. These are a few of the things to avoid.

1- Re-Directs. Sometimes called cloaking. This could include hidden text or showing different content to se’s than what your actual site displays.

2- Doorway pages. This is a familiar term and was once accepted as a marketing tool for web designers. No longer is this accepted.

3- Linking to poor sites. Sometimes referred to as “bad neighborhood” sites. These sites have broken links, are usually part of a link farm for thousands of other sites linked together.

4- Broken links on your own site. Getting a “404 errors” is not good. Fix any broken links or pages that cannot load properly.

Many other don’ts exist, these are a few to help you learn what not to do. We have other articles that address similar helpful tips, such as “Build Web Links With Publicity“. Other good reading articles you should read are: “Web Site Marketing in Orange County“, Social Networking is changing how we search“, and finally “Web Site Marketing and Publicity“.

Browse through many of the other articles on local publicity, pr marketing strategies, and email campaigns. I am sure you will find something that can improve the publicity and marketing campaign for your pr client.

Marketing Strategies for Web Sites

If you are reading this blog, then you probably have a web site. Whether you are a pr client, a pr agency, a local public relations agency in Orange County or a national company, you need to know these marketing strategies.

All companies want visitors to their site, but how many are converted to sales, buying products, or subscribing to your service? If the percentage is less than 4 or 5%, you may need to evaluate how you are using the pr marketing strategies. You have probably heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how it can generate traffic. Done correctly, this can improve sales. Done poorly, it is then money and time wasted.

web marketing strategySEO is one part of a comprehensive pr marketing strategy for web sites. You need to constantly update the sites pages. This can be done moderately, not complete re-designs. Next, re-evaluate the keywords, phrases and update those. Another tip is to make sure all the out bound links are still valid and are with higher page ranking sites.

Here are a few more tips for pr marketing strategies for web sites. Linking is still one of the best ways to gain a high positioning and ranking with Yahoo, Google and other search engines.

Listing your web site on the proper directories and with the major search engines is also important. These should be done by a person (webmaster), not software.

Finally, the last part of these tips is to have a business blog. Not just any blog, but one that actually speaks to your audience. Business blogging is more important today than it was just five months ago. It can be easily set-up and monitored. Writing the daily blogs might be a task for some companies, but there are professional blog writers available to help with your writing.

These are just a few suggestions. If you need professional help with your web traffic and are on a limited budget, then give us a call. We want you to be successful, let us show you how.