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Everyone is offering his or her “secret” how to become a successful social media genius. If you are looking for a quick fix solution, or a one-step process to solve your pr marketing strategy problems, then you are not going to like the “TRUTH”.social media and networking


The real secret to social media success is to start with a Plan. Yes, you need to plan your pr marketing strategy. Just like a road map, if you don’t have a solid plan, then you are doing a shotgun approach with your pr marketing strategy only to hope something will work. It will take time to build a good social media campaign. And it should not be alone; it should be part of your overall pr marketing strategy. That is another reason why companies fail.


Ford Motor Company has been one of the few major corporations to understand how to use social media. Many others are trying to follow their steps, but what they are missing is the plan that was set by Ford.


These are some of the real secrets to creating a successful social media campaign:


First, you need to realize that social media is NOT a marketing channel to push your message or products.


Second, you need to make social media engaging to your network of people.


Third, people will not respond until they build a trust with you and/or your company.


Fourth, it is not about the sale, but about developing relationships.


Fifth, you need to be active with people, where they frequent, sites they visit, etc.


Sixth, establish guideline. These are the guideline for your employees. You need to set how they should communicate about your company on their own blogs, twitter and facebook accounts. You cannot control what they say, but if your corporate culture is positive, then your employees’ communications will also be positive.


Social networks are growing and it is only becoming a path for what the future will be in terms of how we communicate. For example, there are many networks like “upcoming” and “SCRIB” besides Twitter and Facebook that your company should be involved with. Do you need help in getting a social network campaign to be part of your pr marketing strategy? If so, give George Carson, Carson Marketing, Inc., a call at 949-477-9400. It’s time to get serious and grow your company using these marketing efforts with your pr marketing strategy.

Do you have a pr marketing strategy that is ready to include social media?

We hear a lot about social media and all the new web sites that are popping up to get in the action. Now it seems that AOL, the 4th popular search engine, is gearing up to show it is part of this new social era.

The problem might not be that AOL needs to think like everyone else. When you visitsocial media networks the site, it is targeted to a specific audience. As a marketer, I think that is a smart move. Because you cannot have a social media site that is too broad based. It just won’t work. Even the AOL Blog tries to stay within their own profile.

On the other side of this popularity with social media, one major segment is still not considered. Know what it might be? I believe in the near future we will start seeing “social media for business”. I wouldn’t be surprised if a programmer, or a search engine company like Google, isn’t already developing this. The problem I see is going to be how the business model will be presented. Probably more general in scope. Like MySpace. But I truly believe that segmented social media business sites will be part of a pr marketing campaign for all pr clients.

This may take a few years to mature, just like Facebook and the many other sites that exist today. Why do I believe this to be true? Because blogging in the business community is already happening. It is in major companies as well as small to mid size companies. PR Marketing strategies now include blogging as part of the business culture. Just as it was among the youth a few years ago, now social media is the place to be. So it only makes sense that “business” will soon begin to embrace this media as a pr marketing tool. It will be an excellent way for executives and all businesses to exchange their philosophy, their business culture to others, and possibly become a place to learn how to grow a business from a CEO’s perspective.

The “social media” network is neither a trend nor a fad. It is real and it is changing how businesses think their pr marketing strategies.

Businesses have changed their approach on marketing as new technologies emerge. Look at radio and television. It made marketers, pr clients; all change how to reach their audience from traditional print media. Then came direct mail, telemarketers, and catalogs. This again forced marketers to re-think their approach. If you do not change your pr marketing strategy or your overall advertising plan, then you will be left in the dust as your competitors move forward.

I have written several articles on this web 2.0 subject for the past 8 months. Warning pr clients, ad agencies, and publicitysocial media web 2.0 firms to “open their marketing eyes” and look what the Internet is doing. For example, no longer is the marketer in charge of telling the consumer about their great product or service. This doesn’t make the cut anymore. It is the consumer who is in control. They tell you what they want, when they want it, and how they will buy it. If your pr marketing strategies are not including this process of the consumer, then you need to re-think about changing to another marketing company that is sensitive to the Web 2.0 and how it affects pr clients.

I read a great article in Brandweek that made me realize marketers, and pr clients alike are not addressing this new social media correctly. It’s called “The 12 Steps to the Interactive Future”. It mainly highlights the 12 steps written by Larry Weber who is an expert on social media. His book titled: “How Digital Customer Communities Build Your Business”. I will give you a few of the steps now, then a few more in another blog.

1- Change your marketing mindset. Marketers still define target markets by communicating with prospective customers, building loyalty. These old techniques are not going to work today. Your pr marketing strategy, or ad plan needs to re-think, get out of that old box mindset. You need to be more transparent to the customer. Don’t try to brag about whom you are and your product. It is about nurturing relationships and dialog with customers, prospects and all those active in the community.

2- Make your brand come alive. To make a branding program successful today you need to recognize that brand equity is shifting away from brand essence and brand recall. Mr. Weber points out that branding is a living thing. Something that marketers cannot accept, at least not yet. A good example of this new dialogue is GoogleTalk, Google Groups and Blogger. Oh, did you notice these are blog type-sites. Something I have been pushing for two years! Google keeps asking customers what they want and then responds. That’s making your brand come alive!

3- Out with the old Segmentation. It doesn’t surprise me that marketers for the most part, still segment their pr marketing strategy by demographics such as age or gender. Ok, some products and services need to do this. If you are promoting an assisted living complex, yes, then some of the traditional methods work. But today, you need to segment by behavior, attitudes and interests. Forget the age and gender. These groups are what are important, not age, or gender.

These three points of the 12 should make you realize that the Web 2.0, or social media, or Business Web (all are the same, just different tags) shows how you, as a pr client, or marketing professional needs to re-think your mindset. If not, then read my next three steps. Happy marketing!

I am constantly being asked to give more information about this growing Internet media called “social media”. To help further understand the power this new media offers you need to read my other articles on social media and also this article. Then maybe you will get a better perspective why your pr client needs to become active in social media. If nothing else happens with your pr marketing strategy campaign, make sure you consider adding a blog or other social media network to the media networking

To begin, it is important to know exactly what is Social Media: Defined by Wikipedia (a type of Social Media site) defines it as “the online technologies and practices that people use to share content, opinions, insights, experiences, perspectives, and media themselves. Social media can take many different forms, including text, images, audio, and video. The social media sites typically use tools like message boards, forums, podcasts, bookmarks, communities, wikis, blogs etc.” This quote was in a white paper from More Visibility.

Notice how it describes the different types, and forms this media takes. Such as message boards and forums. If you recall, the web originated from old BBSes (Bulletin Board Systems) and Chat Rooms. In a sense, social media is a more advanced network of chat rooms. But today, anyone can create a post, write a blog– from teens to mature adults in their 80’s and make comments. Unlike chat rooms that were by invitations to friends. Yes, some social media like Facebook, and MySpace keep outsiders out if you don’t know them.

How many different types of Social media web sites exist? A lot. For starters there are:

Social Network Sites. Mainly web sites that are becoming a community with the intent to create a social involvement.

Picture Sites are another. You may already be using them. These are pictures you post online to share with others, family and friends.

Video site. Same as pictures, but use videos. The most popular is YouTube. But many other new sites are emerging daily.

Blogs. Most popular among the youth, now is part of a business network. Companies are blogging faster than ever to get the name out.

Many other types are happening like music sharing sites, podcasting (the next big growth area) and gaming sites as well.

Knowing just this information should help pr clients develop stronger pr marketing strategies for their campaign. If you are a pr client and your publicity agency is not getting you to the social media front, call George Carson at Carson Marketing, Inc. He will get you in front of the line.

Social media is not a fad. It keeps growing and now savvy marketers can target specific age groups and networks

If you are a local pr client that does Publicity locally in Orange County, or a national company, marketers can now reach their target age customers with social media. It used to be restricted to the younger teens and those who were in college. Sites like MySpace and Facebook were the main arteries to this limited age audience. But now there are many new social media sites that are catering to various age groups. Such as “”. It isn’t surprising that this site was established, because it reaches the 50+ age who are very internet savvy.

According to a study by Pew Internet & American Life Project, they estimate over 70 percent of Americans aged 50 to 64 use the web. And is one of the sites they frequent most often.

If your pr marketing strategy is to target the generation between Baby Boomers and Generation X (born in the mid-50s to mid-60s) then check out This social networking site will get your pr campaign noticed with them.

Another new site called is a narrow niche targeting women in the mature age of 45 and up. This is still a beta site, but as you can see, social networking is expanding. It is helping local companies like those in Orange County, or New York City, to specifically reach a selected audience. To get more niche, other sites are popping up. These include, and The later is identified with moms raising kids while SisterWoman is a social network for women to chat and connect with girlfriends.

Make sure your pr marketing strategy plan includes these social networks as well as a solid blogging campaign. This is another way to increase the branding awareness and build a solid branding company. To get your pr marketing plan on target, give Carson Marketing Inc a call.

No longer do the words “social media” mean to go to a media party to meet the publishers, editors, reporters, writers from the press. It now describes how you work the Internet to gain maximum media exposure.

In order to maximize your social media on the Internet, you need to learn how to Optimize your social media. In case you are unfamiliar with the term social media, it is the posts that you have on your company blogs, podcasts and vlogs. It is how businesses are now making their customers aware of their products and services. PR clients need to include all forms of social media into their marketing and publicity plans.

Make sure you have someone at your company to be the coordinator of these social media activities. Or at least make sure your PR Agency provides this service.

Optimizing your social media is very similar to optimizing a web site. PR Clients who have a web site may already have this in place. But let me list a few points to help you keep your social media on track.

I came across a blogger who has done a good job in listing what he calls the 5 rules to optimize a social media site. When you visit his blog, you will notice that many other people added to his list. But for now, I will give you some of his choices, then you can check out what the other bloggers added.

For example, rule one is to “increase your linkability“. Having static links is ok, but he professes to use white papers and other content to help make the links non-static.

Second, make tagging and bookmarking easy. Include tagging within your own site that are to your popular pages. Use “add to” buttons that point to relevant sites.

Antother rule is to reward inbound links. Get good links with other bloggers, and other high ranked sites as inbound links. This will add to your sites credibility.

As I mentioned earlier, there are many other rules, or suggestions that can help your social media and your current business web site gain maximum exposure. If you are a PR Client, you just need to implement them. If you don’t have time, then hire an outside company that understands social media marketing, and as a pr client, you will soon see the rewards.

Ignoring this media can hurt your company with negative publicity

A good article by another blog writer discusses the area of "social blogs". I have mentioned this as well, trying to wake up the Business Community that this new media is not going away. Instead, it is building.

Social mediaIf handled properly, you can monitor these social blogs to get an insight to the thinking and buying habits of potential customers. Pr clients and publicity agencies should also monitor these activities. It will give you a better understanding of your market. PR and Marketing need to interact more often. Rather than doing their own "thing’ to show corporate their greatness, it’s time to blend these resources and become more effective for doing business with B2B.

The article I saw was posted Nov. 1, and it is titled

"Social Media, Blogs, Message Boards…It’s Not Just a B2C Thing". The writer gives some indepth perspective to the fact that each are, PR and Marketing each feel it is the others responsibility to monitor. This type of thinking can cause your company to fall behind and not clearly recognize when tends move on or how your product might be viewed.

One of the comments in the article is direct and makes a solid point. It says "In the B2B world, internet users are using online communities to make their voices heard — sharing their experiences and opinions. Sure, consumers are more engaged in social media, but business users are increasingly using it, and I am confident it will become the norm over the next few years."

If you want to check some of the social web sites, here are a few to view:

There are several others, but this will give you an idea and a few places to start your monitoring.

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