Branding is important so is blogging

All companies are fighting for the same thing. An Identity.

Without this, you can’t be visible, you will have a difficult time selling a product or service, and it will be very difficult to stay in business.

Today’s competitive market (in all industries) is looking for better and more efficient methods to creating this identity.

The word "Branding" has become a popular term in our business language. This is what an identity is for a company. Although branding does encompass more than the traditional identity program. All businesses need to have a serious look as to how they are perceived by customers, competitors and the media.

When developing a branding program, you need to look at all aspects of the company. When you have placed a true branding program in place, you then need to get that image, brand into the marketplace.

Doing this can be done in several ways. I strongly recommend that companies include with their Publicity Campaign a business "blog site".

Blogging is more than a term; it is now part of our daily lives. Even more so in business.

A good blog site will consist of RSS feeds to attract news about your industry, and market. It will also be created in a fashion to reflect your image–BRAND. In addition it needs to be monitored and produced by a professional blog company that knows the "back end" of the marketing. Doing a blog is only one small part of blogging.

Writing and using links, images, keywords, phrases and many other unique techniques can be a very productive site to make a company gain visibility and brand recognition within 90 days.

So be careful before you just plunge into a blog site. Make sure you work with people who know the techniques of the business side. These are the people who can make things happen for you and your company.

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More than a fad, blogging is a business tool

It is still amazing that clients tend to back off when they hear the word blogging. Why? Probably because they recall stories about bloggers writing about their jobs, venting about bosses, or friends.

Most company CEO’s and presidents do not yet understand the power of this marketing tool. And by the time they do, some other techno development will become the new marketing tool.

For today and many more years ahead, in my opinion, blogging will be the exciting marketing tool to help companies gain awareness faster than traditional publicity.

Don’t get me wrong; you still should maintain a solid pr program contacting the various media. But you should include a blog program to enhance the efforts.

To prove my point that blogging is a serous business tool, look at the University of California, Berkeley’s new course. It is "Blogging". The course is incorporated into their journalism classes. Now you know the world of blogging is part of our lifestyle.

In addition, pitching publicity is being done through blogger’s writing about company’s products, or the company themselves.

An article by Loyd Trufelman and Laura Goldberg, titled, "Pitching Blogs: Latest Type Of Online Media Vehicle May Provide Valuable PR Opportunities", discusses the ways bloggers are being called by journalists, reporters about story’s. In the article Loyd and Laura state:

"…many bloggers have no experience at being pitched by publicists." And continued saying, "What was striking throughout the pitching process was the discovery that most bloggers were rarely, if ever, approached by PR professionals."

The article is a good read, so check it out. And remember to give blogging serious thought as how it can impact your company. Contact us if you want to discuss this marketing tool.

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A PR effort is needed

It is always interesting to see that what you have been telling clients finally gets support in the media.

Publicity is and will always be the backbone to gaining any recognition (favorable, not favorable) for a company or its products.

I was reading a posted blog that supports one of my many convictions. It was titled "Power Law Blogging". In this short blog, he states that another article he read, the writer had this to say about blogging:

“The good news is that it’s still possible to create a top-ranked blog,” says Shirky. “The bad news is, the way to get into the top ten now seems to be public relations.” Just posting witty entries and hoping for traffic won’t do it. You have to actively seek out attention from the press. “That’s how they’re jump-starting the links structure. It’s not organic.”

As you can easily see, you need a strong media mix to become successful. One marketing tool is not enough. Starting a blog is and should be on your list of good resource tools. Be sure to add, or expand further a publicity program. Together these will help your company get noticed!

Take it a step further and make sure you have a complete marketing plan. The plan does not need to be complex. It can be designed to work within a limited budget. The plan will give you a direction and establish guidelines. After a few weeks, review the plan. See if it still meets your goals and objectives.

Now back to blogging.

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Buying Keywords, is it for you?

Companies are always trying to get more out of their web sites, and they should. But too many times, when the site isn’t generating enough sales, or leads, marketing executives turn to buying of keywords.

Is it right for you?

You need to seriously think about this before putting marketing money into these types of programs. Yes, it can bring "people" to your site. Notice I said people, not customers, or clients. There is a BIG difference.

The search engines make their millions, or billions on ad dollars. One of those ad dollars is the purchasing of key words. Google has a program called AdWords. It is a bidding process that you do when you want a key word.

A good article explains this in more detail from They tell you that you need to be careful in selecting, or choosing a word to bid on. If it is too general, such as coffee (let’s say your company sells something like this), then you don’t want that keyword. Of course a lot of people will be typing that word into the search, but that means this word will be very expensive. You need to find a niche or specific coffee that cost of your competitors would not purchase.

After you do all this experimenting, and buying different keywords (hey, did you think you’re going to get a lot of business buying only one keywrod?), you need to track your results and compre it to the sales.

That’s just one thing to consider. Read the article to get the full scoop and then decide.

My reason for bringing this to your attention, is that keyword bidding can be good, but it can be costly. The return can also be good, but at what cost?

I suggest that if you really believe in this media, then be sure to follow it closely.

I also recommend that you have a strong media mix in your plan. Let’s day blogging! I like that suggestion, or other web marketing strategies.

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Blogging is the new business model

It’s the fastest growing medium in the tech industry–BLOGGING.

Why? A lot of reasons. Most important is the fact that you can tell you’re story instantly, and target it to the audience you want to reach.

Too many PR firms are still not getting the concept. They think this is too much work for nothing. They’re dead wrong!

Ok, it is a lot of work to maintain a weblog…blogsite. But the rewards are overwhelming. Most publicity firms prefer to do the traditional "calls and letters/emails" to reporters, editors, publishers than seek new methods of telling their clients stories.

Those firms will soon fade away or will need to work extra hard to just compete in the near future…actually that future is already here!

So what do others think in our business.
I saw a great article by Lloyd Trufelman and Laura Goldberg on "Pitching Blogs". They already realize this technology is not going away and have outlined a few tips on how to pitch your blogs to the media.

Another blog called the PRMachine takes a humorous look in comparing "Squeeze the Charmin" to today’s search engine. Basically, we are "squeezing the (information) Charmin (toilet paper) by relying much more on search engines as customers did when comparing a hands-on test in stores. He also explains that blogs are helping to let customers know about products, the good and the bad. Although you need to make your own judgment, people are reading blogs to get an idea if a product is worth checking out.

If you are reading this and have a business, then you need a blog site. I’ll show you how to make it work and how to get "noticed". It isn’t all smoke and mirrors anymore, it’s blogging!

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Is there a difference?

You hear so many opinions about what is the direction of the future. Is it blogging, or a stronger, traditional publicity campaign?

Neither one should be practiced alone.

The new technology has made blogging a good communications soruce, which in part is publicity. But this alone cannot be the main source for a solid PR campaign. You still need to interact with the media.

I saw a blog site this morning about this similar topic. Tom Murphy’s PR Opinions speaks about how people think Blogging killed PR (Publicity). He is right, at least in my opinion, that blogging is a new form of communication, but it is not replacing or killing traditional PR.

As I have said before, publicity is everywhere! Blogging is just one of the many and useful means to get your message out the market.

So before you jump into blogging and think it will be your main publicity vehicle, think twice. Don’t turn your back on reporters, or other media. They will be around for a long time. And these reporters, journalists are also reading blogs. They are not in the dark of the technology.

As for blogging, it will probably be here too, but will it outlast traditional publicity vehicles, I doubt it.

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The Power of Blogging

As I write these tips on Publicity and Marketing, I realized few companies may not fully understand if this media is right for them.

There are a lot of things to consider if your company is interested in creating a blog site.

It must be understood that blogging is like a daily newsletter. A short version of course. If your company doesn’t have the time or staff to dedicate in writing and producing a monthly, or quarterly newsletter, then blogging might be too much for your company to handle.

One solution is to hire a professional company to do your blog site. In m any instances, companies are doing just that.

I came across a company, that offers a 14 step guide if you are considering a blog site.

These are valuable tips that all companies should read. Why? Because it tells you about the art of blogging and how it can be a benefit if you are prepared to take on the task…or hire a pro.

The article gets deeper into the distinctive features of blogs. It is a must read for new and seasoned bloggers that are in the business community. It mimics much of what we believe.

Since I can’t get into a lot of the details, go check them out.

How does this all relate to Publicity? Remember, publicity is everywhere! Blogging is quickly becoming the main source for information and that my fellow students, is publicity. Blogs let you control what is said, and how soon you want that information to be released.

But having a blog site alone will not get you famous, or your company recognized. Blogging is an art. It requires more than writing. In the business world it takes a lot of “back-end” work to get your messages to reach the right people, companies and media…that’s the most important reason of hiring a professional company who knows Web and Blog Marketing.

So is blogging right for your company? It depends on how far you want your company to grow, and if you are prepared to handle the task.

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